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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Give your employees access to tools, resources and experienced consultants

Employee Health and Personal Issues are impacting corporates

As per research studies, employee assistance programs are key drivers to improve chronic lifestyle disorders of India Inc. The benefits of employee assistance programs include an improvement in presenteeism, reduction in health care costs, enhanced productivity, tremendous employee loyalty, motivation and morale, which reduces attrition rates.

Top 5 health issues reported by corporate employees



Key Causes of Absenteeism & Employee Turnover


Statistics reveal unhealthy lifestyle of corporate employees



Resolving Employee Health and Personal Issues is the key for organizational success

Employees leading healthy lifestyles tend to take lesser sick leaves. Good health also brings an improved work performance and increased productivity, thereby reducing the overall costs of the organisation. A competitive & fun spirit in fitness brings about a focused dedication towards workout & exercise, which can delay or prevent diabetes, some cancers and heart problems. It can even reduces feelings of depression & anxiety.

Benefits of VSOLVE’s EAP

VSOLVE’s employee assistance programs/workplace wellness programs provide integrated health and well-being support to corporates, through multi-modal channels of interventions and wide network of the best doctors, experts and specialists in medical, clinical and non-medical fields. We adopt scientific and research based methodologies using industry global best practices in medical, clinical and allied fields. We use cutting edge technology in the medical domain, which brings medical assistance closer, faster, specific and available at anytime, anywhere.

Our well-being solutions will help you in

 Enhance your Mental Health

Boost Performance

Manage Stress Effectively

Apply Right Coping Strategies

Combat Anxiety and Depression

 Effectively Communicate with People

Resolve Conflicts

Overcome Relationship and Marital Problems

Handle Child or Family Member Concerns

Build Resilience

Control Addictive Behaviors

Overcome Grief of Personal Loss

Manage existing life challenges

Adapt quickly to change

Enhance positivity & confidence