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Our Experience

For over 15 years, VSOLVE has been an undisputed choice for availing health & well-being solutions.

Our Contribution

no-2We are contributing to the lives of thousands of individuals to help them positively overcome their work-life challenges.

Our Success

no-3We have been successful in creating an environment of trust and openness with employees.

Several EAP Providers develop solutions which are designed to manage a specific existing problem. They are usually specific to a department / function. Other organizations engage in a generic solution with minimal accountability to curtail costs. Whereas, we spend adequate time with the organization to comprehensively understand the organization and what gets transacted within the organization. Due to this, are able to build a holistic solution, which will equip our clients to enhance organizational well-being and productivity.

Our Mission

To enhance organizational productivity by achieving increased employee performance, & developing a highly focussed, motivated, committed and talented workforce.


Our Quality Statement

At V SOLVE, quality is an essential ingredient of everything that we do. We are committed enhance organizational productivity by delivering long-lasting results, bringing about a positive change and enhancing human potential.


Our Customer Record Privacy Statement

We keep client records highly confidential and secretive as we understand that the data is sensitive. We have added increased layers of data security both on the user front and at the back office.  This will prevent records from being accessed by unauthorized parties, except on 3rd party domains where V SOLVE has no control.

Our Key Differntiators

Our Experience

  • Medical
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Management Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Life Skill Training
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and Fitness

Years working as a VSOLVE Team

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